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July 9th, at 7:00pm


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This program is supported, in part, by a grant from the Washington State Arts Commission

THE FIELDS: Songs of Abundance
The music of Hildegard of Bingen has long been appreciated for its vernal, crystalline beauty. For our final Choral Destination, set in the beautiful mountain valleys of the North Cascades, we've paired this beloved repertoire with contemporary works by local composers John Paulson, Mitchell Fund, and Tom Walworth. Join us, along with guest ensembles Windborne and Graveyard Girls, for an adventure into a countryside springing to life.

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HILDEGARD   O Frondens virga 

PAULSON   Dream Land 

HILDEGARD   O viridissima virga  
FUND   In Those Fields

HILDEGARD   O vos felices radices

arr. WINDBORNE   Earth's Burdens

arr. WINDBORNE   Le Diable et Le Fermier

arr. KASTANAS   Wayfaring Stranger

arr. KASTANAS   Shall We Gather At The River

The text and translations of the pieces in the program can be found here

Four musicians sing and play instruments in a forested park

WINDBORNE  "The most exciting vocal group in a generation,” Windborne’s captivating show draws on the singers’ deep roots in traditions of vocal harmony, while the absolute uniqueness of their artistic approach brings old songs into the present. Known for the innovation of their arrangements, their harmonies are bold and anything but predictable.With a 20-year background studying polyphonic

music around the world, Lauren Breunig, Jeremy Carter-Gordon, Lynn Rowan, and Will Rowan share a vibrant energy onstage with a blending of voices that can only come from decades of friendship alongside dedicated practice. The ensemble shifts effortlessly between drastically different styles of music, drawing their audience along on a journey that spans continents and centuries, illuminating and expanding on the profound power and variation of the human voice.

@WindborneSingers  |

GRAVEYARD GIRLS began as an impromptu small group that performed during “sharing time” on the first Byrd Ensemble International Renaissance Course in 2017. Since then, we have been meeting informally to sing all kinds of music, ranging from shapenote and other American traditions to Eastern European folk songs to modern pop. The group is led by Lauren Kastanas, a local arranger, singer, and music director with a 

Image of an overgrown graveyard  with the letters gg in script font

background in contemporary a cappella. Singers: Julia Baker, Teresa Clark, Lauren Kastanas, Margaret Obenza, Ruth Schauble, Sarra Sharif Doyle


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