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Members of a choir with the name Vox16 superimposed over the image
Members of Radiance choir standing together in a line

We are happy to announce a new chapter in our choral journey! We have decided to focus on the performance of American choral music, especially contemporary works by living composers. We will also perform music from the shapenote and Shaker traditions to celebrate the roots of American choral music. We aim to build a community around our work by making an intentional effort to engage local composers and other choral groups, and to personalize the concert experience by performing in more intimate spaces where you can connect with the music more directly.  We felt this was a great opportunity to refresh our brand under the name, Radiance.

We take the music seriously, which is why we will keep hiring the great singers right here in the Seattle area. Read more about our upcoming 2020-2021 Season: Choral Destinations. We hope to see you next season!

Markdavin Obenza, 

Artistic Director

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